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Impressions of Turkish Team - C13 LTTA event Impressions from Ptuj, Slovenia


The very last mobility of our Project was held in Slovenia thanks to the great efforts of the Slovenian team and the endeavors of participating teams. Due to the remaining effects of the Covid-19, it was difficult for everyone to arrange the preparations and be present for the mobility. And for us, it was one last chance to get together and learn a great deal from each other once again.

Between the dates of 23rd to the 27th August 2021 we have visited several institutions with unique expertise which was located in Ptuj, Ljubljana, and Portorož. Slovenia and its people were generous to us as expected. During the time that we have been on the road visiting every institution in another city, we have seen the great nature of Slovenia, had the chance to get to know its traditional cuisine, learn about its history and meet with its people.

On the first day of the mobility, we were hosted by our friends coordinating the I.D.E.A Project. The teacher of the School Dr. Ljudevita Pivka in Ptuj welcomed us warmly. In the school, we had an introduction to the Slovenian School System and had the chance to see their approach towards students and to Special Education. Later on the Mayor of Ptuj, Ms. Nuška Gajšek was more than kind enough to host us in the Town Hall and give us unique souvenirs to always remember this town.

On the road to the South of the country, we have visited the Centre for Education and Rehabilitation of Physically Handicapped Children and Adolescents in Kamnik, IRIS Centre, and Burja Centre in Portorož. All the institutions welcomed us with great enthusiasm and motivation. Seeing their approaches, ideas, improvements in the field, and eagerness to learn with us was so valuable for us. These very special institutions were functioning as an important actor in the field of Special Education in Slovenia. And we are glad to know that we have witnessed what and how they do.

We would like to thank once again to everyone who made it possible to gather one last time. Thank you, dear Tanja, thank you dear friends hope to see you soon!

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