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Antonio's diary - His 3 months in Slovenia, with Pivka's schoolmates from Ptuj

Dear Antonio!

Our time spent together has come to an end. It was our pleasure to show you what is happening in our school in Ptuj. Do you remember when we baked biscuits, performed at numerous school events, celebrated birthdays, took care of birds around our school... We made a snowman together. You had a chance to see our carnival masks and traditions. You were particulary impressed in Ptuj's traditional mask called Kurent. We danced, sang and laughed many times. You have also taught us many useful and interesting things about your culture and mother language.

Now you are headed to Turkey, where you will seek for new friends and adventures. We wish you a lot of unforgettable and exciting moments there.

See you soon!

Your Slovenian friends from primary school dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj.

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  1. António,

    How nice to see that your time in Slovenia was so full of friendship, laugh, joy and knowledge. We do miss you!! But we're sure that you are having the most adventurous time of your life. Enjoy Turkey! Make lots of new friends and visit marvellous places in Istanbul.

    Marta Antunes