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Italian regiment - dance workshop in Primary school dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj, Slovenia

How we learned to dance Italian regiment

We wanted to learn Italian regiment dance. These are the basic steps of an Italian regiment with our students. We danced to the music of the famous composer Rachmanin entitled Italian Regiment.
First we listened carefully to the teacher's Dragica instructions. She showed us the dance in five steps.

1.      4 x jump on one leg
2.      turn left and turn right
3.      4 steps forward and gripping partner
4.      leaps for the dancer's back
5.      jump and kick

.... and finally greetings to you ...😃😃

The students from 6th to 9th grade danced and were tutored by teacher Dragica Emeršič.


"Inside out" workshop with students from Primary school dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj, Slovenia

We watched a cartoon "Inside out" 

With the students classes 6 and 8 we watched a cartoon Inside out. Students were very exicited and full of expectations. One and a half hour passed quickly. Then we talked about cartoon movie. We split into four groups. We represented four different emotions: anger, happiness, sadness and fear. Students talked about the chosen emotion. They were drawing and writing on a poster. When they finished, they presented the emotion to the other students. Interesting products were created. We spent time full of emotions and laughter.

The workshop was held by the social Pedagogist Marjeta Svenšek Kristovič and a Special teacher Damjana Vršič


Erasmus Day in Metin Sabanci special education school - Istanbul, Turkey

As Metin Sabancı Special Education Schools for the ErasmusDays on 11th October 2019 we have attended to the “Project Market” event organized by the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Ministry of National Education.

As one of the schools who implement Erasmus+ projects we were personally invited to present and promote our Erasmus projects. On behalf of our school a psychological counseling and guidance teacher attended to the event with Basia and promoted our IDEA Project.

Additionally to the presentations of the projects the sessions covering implementation of Erasmus projects, eTwinning Space, Erasmus+ projects and eTwinning award ceremony were held. The event hosted great number of school representatives from all around Istanbul.


After the event our colleague has also shared the promotional materials of other Erasmus+ projects with all other teachers.


Erasmus day in Szkola Podstawowa Specjalna nr 40 - Bytom, Poland

On  October, 11 we celebrated  Erasmus  Day in our school. We called that day „Erasmus’ Kitchen”. Our aim was to create the multicultural kitchen. Students were given different tasks and they had two hours to do them. They were asked to design table pads, plates, mugs. They were also sewing and decorating kitchen aprons, painting a multicultural tablecloth and cutlery. All these things included the colours and motifs of us and our partners. Moreover, children planted herbs used in the kitchen like basil, mint and parsley. Another task was to make six cookbooks with photos and recipes of the traditional dishes of Croatia, Slovenia, Portugal, Italy, Turkey and Poland. But that’s still not all! We also did some cooking. Students, under teachers’ supervision, learned how to make Italian pizza or Polish „pierogi”. This was a real fun! When the students were ready with the tasks, we fulfilled our kitchen with all the products. At the end of that day everybody had an occasion to taste what they cooked while watching some culinary programmes. This was an awesome day for all of us!

Erasmus day in Aver-O-Mar Elementary School, Portugal

October 11th, 06:45 pm, auditorium of Aver-O-Mar Elementary School: meeting with the school community to share best practices developed under the Erasmus + projects taking place in the grouping, namely the IDEA-Together We Can project; SWITCH and TOGETHER – the very last one.

In the presence of local authorities and the Director of the grouping, the session began with a brief introduction by the President of the Grouping General Council, followed by a brief presentation of the objectives and guiding dynamics of the European Erasmus + program.

Thereafter, each projects’ coordinator presented their project: partners, strategic goals, activities developed and planned, sharing the good practices and experiences within Erasmus.
The presentation can be viewed in

Finally, time for dialogue: some parents asked questions regarding the participation of their children in these projects, about budget and responsibilities; curiosities and pieces of advice were shared by members of the Erasmus’ Teams.

The meeting finished with some delicacies and interesting informal conversation.

Above all, there was a need to highlight and promote European citizenship among young people, giving new opportunities for life and fostering friendships.


Erasmus day in Primary school dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj, Slovenia

Pupils and teachers who attended mobilities within our Erasmus +projects at our partner schools  shared their experiences from visits by words and pictures. We prepared presentation for students and teachers in our school to present the activities of our partners, in which we ourselves had the opportunity to participate. (Turkey, Poland and  Italy, ) to celebrate Erasmus Day with us.

Erasmus day in OŠ Otona Ivekovića, Zagreb, Croatia

This event took place during the afternoon on 11th October 2019 in the Erasmus+ Corner in the main school hallway. The four Erasmus+ projects that our school participates, or participated in, were showcased for the students and the parents.
VEAC: Values – The Essence of an Active Citizen, 2015-2017, our first Erasmus+ project, in which we studied and compared the traditional values of the partner countries.
I.D.E.A. Together we can!, 2018-2020, a project on inclusion, which gives the children with developmental difficulties the opportunity to take active part in and join in the mobilities.
SWOT Scouts, 2018-2020, a project which focuses on promoting emotional intelligence and social skills.
Bon Appetite Europe!, 2019-2021, a project in which we can share our European cultural heritage through cuisine.
The students who actively participate in all the project activities and who have been in the mobilities were project promotors. They  holded presentations on the projects, as well as talking about their own experiences from mobilities, and the knowledge they gained by participating in the project. There was a display of the memorabilia brought back from the mobilities in the Erasmus+ Corner, representing all the partner countries. Students who choose to come by and look around, had an opportunity to play digital puzzle games putting together project logos and finding the project partners on the map of Europe, as well as play the auditory game of Can you recognize the language?

Puzle - IDEA ( klik )
Europe map ( klik)