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5th mobility to Aver-o Mar, Portugal- March 2020

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When you click on the link, an e-book will open, listing the QR codes for each activity completed during our LTT activity at our partner school Aver o Mar in Povoa de Varzim, Portugal. Scanning each QR code will give you a detailed description for each activity. Take a walk and get acquainted with the excellent splashed LTTA.

Thanks to Marta and her Erasmus + team for a great program.


Slovenian participant impression of LTTA in partners school Aver o Mar, Povoa de Varzim, Portugal

Dear Marta and Aver o Mar project team, teachers and students!

Visited your school has been fantastic experience: I've met marvellous teachers, students and learnt so much from you. We have really enjoyed every single moment, and all the activities you have arranged for us, I have felt really at home, and very warm welcome; I really see how much you have done for the success of every activity of the programme. I and all the rest participants from Poland and Turkey will remember the time and emotions we've felt with you all. Thanks for all these things and thanks to have hosted us in your beautiful country.

For the first time I have visited Portugal. For me it is one of those European countries that must be visited. The trip to Portugal wouldn’t be complete without getting to know the local cuisine and wines of course. I have already tasted some great fish dishes and famous Pastel de Nata. And Vino Verde, young Portuguese wine that is typically dry, fresh and light. And delicious!
Portugal has impressed me with its beautiful coastline, rugged picturesque houses, historical and cultural richness, coast boasting excellent climate. Portugal is a beach lover’s and surfer’s paradise
Tanja fall in LOVE IN PORTUGAL 💖💖!!

Tanja Nikolovski,
Main project coordinator
Primary school dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj

Impression of LTTA in Aver o Mar school in Portugal from Metin Sabancı Special Education School team

Like all the others’ our trip to Portugal started with anxiety, fear and so many questions. But it only lasted till our Portuegese colleagues met us at the tram station of Povoa de Varzim and gave us big warm hugs. So to speak the waves of the ocean and the rain in Povoa de Varzim swept away all the negative feelings.

From the very first day of the program our colleagues from Aver-o-Mar were with us all the time without showing any sign of tireness and always motivated with a smiling face. And everywhere well behaving students even with full of love towards us just like the cutest Gabriel managing to be friends with us all these adults coming from different countries.

The preperations done by the Portuegese team made us speechless. The perfect combination of learning, experiencing, feeling and orienting. Being welcomed at the Town Hall with presents, being surrounded by the lovely kindergarteners at Aldeia, almost crying by seeing what could be done with dedication, good wishes and a full of heart at MAPADI, experiencing how students can behave very well at Rocha Peixoto, being inspired by seeing inclusion can be part of university and the technology at University of Minho and of course feeling at home while having all the activities at Aver-o-Mar.

Portuegese people, music, cuisine, culture, weather, nature just fascinated me and my team like no other place has done so far. For myself I know this was just the begining of our relationship…

Obrigado Portugal, obrigado friends…

Deha Enis Vardaryıldızı
Project Coordinator
Metin Sabancı Special Education Schools

Polish team impression of LTTA in partners school in Aver o Mar, Portugal

From 1st to 7th of March we spent a week full of joy, smile and positive emotions in Póvoa de Varzim with our friends from Erasmus+ Project “I.D.E.A. Together We Can!”. Portuguese team prepared very professionally a lot of activities, workshops, meetings with wonderful people. This was week full of inspirations. We were both at school and spent time walking through Povoa de Varzim, Braga and Porto. We had opportunity to try regional dishes, and the food was delicious Every minut we spent in Portugal was wonderful. We felt your care and hospitality. We met wonderful people with good mood and positive energy. We would like to get back and stay longer. Thank you Portuguese Friends!

Polish Team.


Brain Gym in Szkoła Podstawowa Specjalna nr 40, Bytom- Poland

Movement is a constant partner in the learning process. Mental capacity depends on physical movement, both in infancy, childhood and adult life.
In our school we decided to work with 5th grade students with moderate intellectual disability. We decided to practice Brain Gym for one month. But after that time students ask everyday about the activity. That is why now for that class it is a daily routine. Students like exercises very much. They remember how to do it, and they remember about drinking water before. 


I FEEL… I KNOW - Istituto Comprensivo G. Giorgi di Montorio Romano Activity:

The children of the kindergarten did many activities for the development of the five senses. Through the proposed sensory activities, the children received many stimuli that provoked different reactions. Some children love bright colors, others dark colors, coloring, others don't; some children trust and taste what they are offered to eat, they grimace when they don't like a food. It was fun to watch the facial expressions while listening to the noises of the "sound bottles", or while concentrating to insert the dough into the sticks, put your hand inside the bag to guess the shape etc. They do not have full awareness of the use of the senses, but are fundamental for the discovery of the world around them and for learning.

 The teachers involved in the activity: Annamaria, Catia, Annamaria and Marina.


I feel - I know- Aver o Mar school, Povoa de Varzim, Portugal

All students in school were given the opportunity to play different challenges related to senses. Students were asked to identify different inputs like sounds, pictures, odors, materials, sometimes with their eyes folded, and identify reactions, feelings, sensations.
The five senses of hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell are the primary means we use to gain new knowledge. ... Using many senses to gain information helps learning to be more meaningful and useful. Children naturally learn with all the senses so it makes sense to alert them for its importance. Therefore, the best way to teach children about their senses is to have them use them.
Teachers involved in the activity were Marta Ferreira, Clara Vilar, Emília Quintas, Conceição Rego, conceição Costa, Marta Antunes and Zulmira Lima. Other teachers participated by taking their classes to the school spots where the games were available.