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Europe Day in Oton Iveković primary school, Zagreb, Croatia

On Thursday, 9 May 2019 we celebrated Europe Day. During the long break we organized a craft workshop for making stars, which we put on the pinboard in our Erasmus Plus Corner.

The workshop was led by Jelena Milanković Žanko, Lana Trojnar and Vlasta Kovačević Herzog. They were answering students' questions about the European Union, its symbols, member states and their similarities and differences. Particular emphasis was placed on the countries from which our project partners come from. During the workshop we listened to songs - winners of the Eurovision contests. Special attention was paid to linguistic diversity, and we also talked about the variety of traditional music and clothing, religion, cultural and natural heritage.

This was an open type workshop, so students from all classes participated. The older students taught the younger ones how to make stars and they volunteered to decorate the pinboard.

The main event of the Europe Day celebration in Zagreb takes place on Saturday, May 11 at the European Square with the theme of traditional cuisine. The students are informed about the event and are invited to join together with their parents.


Europien day in Metin Sabanci school, Istanbul, Turkey

Every year on May 9, various events are organized in various countries around the world in order to share the mission, history and policies of the European Union with communities. We, as Metin Sabancı Schools, organized a panel for European Day. The panel included traditional food, traditional clothing, tourism values, traditional art, country currency and special festivals of the 6 countries participating in the IDEA project. Then the school staff examined the board and they talked on the similarities and differences. After that, our school’s student Elif danced for A Ram Zam Zam to show different cultures with dance and music.

9th MAY - The European day in primary school dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj, Slovenia

On the 9th May we celebrated the Europe Day. Ptuj Tourism Association annually organizes an event marking the Day of Europe. This year's topic was entrepreneurship in the EU. Schools from Ptuj were invited to represent EU countries and their successful businesses. Our school represented Belgium and three successful Belgium companies. At our stand we presented a chocolate company, diamond cutting artisanship and Belgium fries. In addition, each school prepared a commercial or a stage presentation on this year's general theme. It was an interesting event for our children as they could enjoy other school’s presentations and learn about products from EU countries. Our Basia was very excited about the presentation of Portugal. 

We also paid attention to this special day at our school of Dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj. The members of Erasmus team at the school have already prepared a picturesque exhibition of our partner cuontries (Italy, Turkey, Croatia, Poland, Portugal and Slovenia). We have also made a poster on which we have writen the most important data about Europe Day. The pupils draw the coats of arms of the partner countries, went to the exhibition and got to know new cultures, countries and their features.

Erasmus+ School Project team


"Sexual education and growing up" - Seminar for Parents - Primary school dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj, Slovenia

When the word is applied to the field of sexuality, we see that prejudices are deeply embedded in our way of perceiving this most natural phenomenon. Although we agree that sexuality is something beautiful and natural, when we talk to people with special needs and sexuality, we still face many prejudices and disapproval.

Ms. Vera Resnik, special teacher, talked to parents of children with special needs in our school about sexual education and growing up. Parents listened with interest to this topic, and later some also talked individually to a lecturer about the problems that they encounter in their daily lives with their adolescents.

Tanja Nikolovski, school Erasmus+ coordinator

Tea Time & Inclusion Aver-O-Mar School, Portugal

On 29th march there was a special meeting for parents of SEN and migrant students in Aver-O-Mar School.
Parents and families were invited for a meeting to talk about special education students’ behavior, physical and emotional development, namely sexual, and migrant students’ inclusion in a foreign school and country, as there has been a very serious flow of students coming from abroad.
The meeting was conducted by social assistant Andreia Teixeira and psychologist Ana Prata who enlightened the public with their knowledge and experience, eachone working with a different group according to the subject.
At the end, the two groups came together and there was time for tea and cookies: each parent brought some typical food item for the group to taste, food from Brazil. Colombia, Uzbekistan or Venezuela, among others.

"Sexuality of children with special need”-Seminar for parents in Szkoła Podstawowa Specjalna nr 40 w Bytomiu

On 15th of May in Szkoła Podstawowa Specjalna nr 40 we had meeting with parents. We prepared for them seminar about  „Sexuality of children with special need”. It was prepared for small group of parents who have children with moderate mental disability. We prepared some presentation, broschures. Parents could ask a questions  to each other, to educators and psychologics. We used materials prepared by our psychologist Ilona Mrowiec and brochure prepared by MOPR Gdańsk.


Celebration of europe Day in Aver-O-Mar school in Portugal


Celebration of europe Day in Aver-O-Mar school in Portugal was organized throughout the week from 6th to 10th may.

During this week there were several activities concerning the project’s partner countries like exhibitions of student’s works - posters and digital presentations on culture, personalities or fact file information and tridimensional replicas of importante european monuments; documentary shows on each Eramus+ i.d.e.a. - Together we can! partner countries; a lecture on Europe Day entitled Europe “Today and Tomorrow - Past and Future” by Mr. Manuel Costa - director of the Municipal Public Library and former european cabinet employee;  storytelling of european legends in 5th and 6th grade classes by older students; typical food tasting moments and an art workshop related to polish artist Bartosz Fraczek.

The last day was dedicated to Turkey, our european week invited country.

It was a wonderful european week in school, students enjoyed seeing their works exposed and notice, in such different ways, how other european countries look like. This way, they were able to get closer to other cultures, languages and people.

Agrupamento de Escolas de Aver-o-Mar, Póvoa de Varzim


Europien day - Montorio Romano, Italy

In April and  May 5th year pupils of the primary school in Nerola took part in workshops with the Catholic Religion Teacher concerning the different religions of the people representing the Countries involved in our Erasmus+project. After reading various books and articles, surfing the net and after open discussions, they realized a 3d poster that summarised through symbols the main similarities and differences of the two religions: Catholilicism and Islamism, stressing information such as name, origin and symbols of each religion; minister, sacred texts and main feasts.  3rd and 4th year children realized posters about Europe, stressing the countries of the project, their capital cities and flags. 1st and 2nd year pupils realized real products on Euro. They played Monopoly using coins and banknotes made by themselves. They had a lot of fun!
As far as the lower secondary school is concerned, students realized identity cards about the countries of our projects and those of the UK and Spain, whose languages they study at school. They highlighted geographical info (name, position and map of the Country, geographical conformation, rivers, lakes, mountains, climate, capital city, main cities, flag, economy, religion, language, currency and cultural aspects such as food and drink and main monuments). They wrote posters in groups and hung them on the walls of their classrooms. Some of them in group concentrated on Europe in general: the origin of the name, what Europe is (according to the historian Jacques le Goff), the common roots of the European Countries, the myth of Europe in literature, History and Art. They virtually interviewed Le Goff (the so called “Impossible interview”) asking him important questions such as the birth of Europe, Charlemagne and the first attempt to create the UE, the founding fathers of the European Union, non EU-Countries and reasons why some European countries are not in the EU, the first European elections, the European values and our common roots, democracy and human rights.
 They realized virtual products (ppt presentations) about that.


Europe Day in Szkoła Podstawowa Specjalna nr 40 in Bytom, Poland

On May 9, our school celebrated Europe Day. First We prepared European flag and  and some decoration for the day.
We started with the multimedia presentation "Europa in a pill". The students had the opportunity to repeat and expand their knowledge about the European continent and the European Union. The presentation had a pictorial form accessible to a student with intellectual disability and encouraged active listening. The students liked it very much. The presentation was also watched by Jana, our guest from Croatia. She liked it too ;) We had time for Comparision and identyfication of similarities and differences between partners country. 
Then, students took part in a knowledge contest about Europe and about Erasmus partners. The competition rules were very simple and encouraged to take part in it. There were a lot of volunteers. One question, one correct answer and you could win an attractive prize. The students were very happy to join the competition and showed excellent knowledge of the subject. Everyone received prizes. It was great time spending in good atmosphere.


Rare Disease and Autism Day Walk in Portuguese community - Aver- O-Mar

On the 1st May portuguese community from Aver-O-Mar school and friends participated in the Autism and Rare Disease Day Walk.
There were some 250 persons, adults and children, walking along the beach side.
An 8 km walk to make the difference and call attention to this special conditions.