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12th Short-term joint staff online training event - BEING INCLUSIVE IN THE 21STCENTURY, Agrupamento de Escolas de Aver-o Mar Povoa de Varim, Portugal

Being inclusive in a XXIst century educational system: the Portuguese field of experiences Inclusive education means that all children-no matter who they are-can learn together in the same school.



 -School Hymn

- Welcome speech–headmaster Mr. Carlos Sá

- Ice Breaking: partners’ presentation

- School Guided Tour: by student’s from 8th grade

- Presentation of the Portuguese school system and Special Education procedures upon 54 and 55 Laws and Students National Profile by psychologist Mrs. Ana Prata

 - “OnceUpona Time…” -a KamishibaiStory Workshop I: -KamishibaiStoryTelling, Kamishibai workshop practice:



 -Welcome speech by Town Hall Vice President and Culture Councilor:

 Mr. Luís Diamantino

- Vídeo tour to Póvoa de Varzim

- Online visit to CAO (Occupational Activities Center), Residential Home, Detached Homes and CEP (Protected Employment Center) in Terrosovillage, Póvoade Varzim

Workshop II: Art’Elier-Mandala’s


 - Videotour to Porto and Braga

- Aver-O-Mar’sLearningSupportCentre (CAA): best practices and inclusive strategies

- “Aver-O-Mundo” Inclusive and intercultural project (within the scope of FAMI -Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund)

- Partner’sworkshops videopresentations

- Evaluationquestionnaire

- FarewellVideo


Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic Croatian and Italian teachers were not able to travel to Portugal in March 2020 to learn about Portugal’s education system and the forms of education for students with developmental difficulties.

To make up for that we had three-day-long virtual activities in the 2020-2021 school year.

The activities started on 23 rd March 2021.

 Portuguese 8 th grade students introduced us to their school buildings and facilities through a video presentation.

 Ms Ana Prata, the school psychologist, gave a lecture on the legal framework of education of children with developmental difficulties and the inclusion in regular schools.

Then we saw a presentation of the Japanese theatre Kamishibai, a form of storytelling with the aid of illustrations. Each participating school got the assignment to prepare their own Kamishibai story for the final activity of the mobility.

The second day of the activities was 13 th April 2021.

 We were greeted by Mr Luis Diamantino, the Mayor of Povoa de Varzim, who also led us on a virtual sightseeing tour of that small Portuguese town and tourist destination.

Then we learned about the Centre for Vocational Education and Practice for students with developmental difficulties.

After that we had an art workshop to make mandalas.

The final, 3rd day of virtual activities was 22 nd April 2021.

We learned about the Centre for Inclusion Strategies whose role is to support teachers working with and schools attended by students with developmental difficulties.

As the final activity, all of the schools that participated in the virtual mobility, presented their versions of Kamishibai theatre.


Ptuj- Slovenia, celebrate World Autism Awareness Day - #lightitupblue

Every year on April 2, we celebrate World Autism Awareness Day.

People with autism do not have the disease, they just think differently, and above all, they feel and understand the world around them differently.  That they are among us and that they need a lot of understanding, support and heart, the global campaign "Light it up blue" raises awareness.  With the help of the mayor Nuška Gajšek, Ptuj also turns blue for one day every year.