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Erasmus day in Primary school dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj, Slovenia

Pupils and teachers who attended mobilities within our Erasmus +projects at our partner schools  shared their experiences from visits by words and pictures. We prepared presentation for students and teachers in our school to present the activities of our partners, in which we ourselves had the opportunity to participate. (Turkey, Poland and  Italy, ) to celebrate Erasmus Day with us.

Erasmus day in OŠ Otona Ivekovića, Zagreb, Croatia

This event took place during the afternoon on 11th October 2019 in the Erasmus+ Corner in the main school hallway. The four Erasmus+ projects that our school participates, or participated in, were showcased for the students and the parents.
VEAC: Values – The Essence of an Active Citizen, 2015-2017, our first Erasmus+ project, in which we studied and compared the traditional values of the partner countries.
I.D.E.A. Together we can!, 2018-2020, a project on inclusion, which gives the children with developmental difficulties the opportunity to take active part in and join in the mobilities.
SWOT Scouts, 2018-2020, a project which focuses on promoting emotional intelligence and social skills.
Bon Appetite Europe!, 2019-2021, a project in which we can share our European cultural heritage through cuisine.
The students who actively participate in all the project activities and who have been in the mobilities were project promotors. They  holded presentations on the projects, as well as talking about their own experiences from mobilities, and the knowledge they gained by participating in the project. There was a display of the memorabilia brought back from the mobilities in the Erasmus+ Corner, representing all the partner countries. Students who choose to come by and look around, had an opportunity to play digital puzzle games putting together project logos and finding the project partners on the map of Europe, as well as play the auditory game of Can you recognize the language?

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Impression of Slovenian teachers in LTT in Instituto Comprensivo Giuliano Giorgio from Montorio Romano, Italy

6 teachers from Slovenia atended in LTT in Instituto Comprensivo Giuliano Giorgio from Montorio Romano, Italy.

When reviewing their PEI (Individualized Educational Plan), we found that the document contained tools for a detailed and clear identification of the child under consideration. However, we found the document too broad, even though it contained an objective type of answers (you can choose the answers from the suggestions given). On the same day we visited Hadrian's villa, which impressed us with its magnificence and architecture. Our very experienced guide took us on a vivid journey through time.

At the school in Montorio Romano, we were very pleasantly welcomed. Maria Teodolinda Saturn's lecture brought us new knowledge about inclusion in Italy. At Istituto professionale per i servizi alberghieri e ristorazione - Ranieri Antonelli Costaggini in Rieti we saw a good practical example of inclusion; as we were served coffee by a special needs student of a catering school. We actively participated in two workshops at the Nerola School. In the dance workshop we learned an Italian traditional dance. A dance is a great enrichment of a class, so we have already included it at our school. In the second workshop, we baked traditional pastry with the youngest students. The baked good were presented to us as a gift at the farewell ceremony. During the musical, we saw an example how inclusion works in a local community and how students with disabilities participate in a play.

At the Public Institute for Deaf Students and Via Nomentana n ° 54 with a trainer specialized in linguistics and hearing impairment (Maria DeMonte), we were impressed with the professionalism and applicability of the lecturers' content. We especially enjoyed using the sensual sound board.

In Italy, inclusion has been present for decades. Therefore, it is embedded in the school system and daily life. On the environmental perspective, we have noticed that schools use a high number of plastic items for the dining. We must all strive to limit the use of plastics for the health of our planet. After the meal, student did not clean up after themselves, which is a missed chance for teaching them independence.

We felt very welcome in the LTT, which is well designed and implemented. Martina was an excellent host, giving us the culinary and touristic experience of Italy, of course, in addition to the broad professional knowledge she was willing to share with us.

Thank you deeply from our hearts for your warm hospitality.

Tanja, Borislava, Damjana, Dragica, Tina & Ksenija


"SADNESS is a Grumpy Cry - baby" - Primary school Oton Iveković, Zagreb, Croatia

…Sadness is a Grumpy Cry-baby…” says one student note from the workshop about emotions held in Class 6a. 

The students watched the cartoon Inside Out. Afterwards, they were divided into five groups. Each group had the task to describe the characters’ behaviour, emotions and consequences of their behaviour. The children represented the characters through pantomime and acting.

The students were very interested in the film and the theme, and here are some more of their comments:
“…Happiness belittled Sadness…”
“…Anger shouts all the time… sometimes it was necessary…”
“…Fear is worried, sensitive, protective…”
“…Happiness always tries to find a way to cheer someone up…”

The workshop was held by the Social Pedagogist, Jadranka Bašić Parić, and student assistant, Jelena Žanko Milanković.