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Slovenian "Red balloon March" - The patron of the red balloon march in Slovenia is the President of the Republic of Slovenia Borut Pahor

So. At the highest state level, we passes the red balloon  to our neighbours - Croatians. There will be "a red ballon march" in Croatian's capital , Zagreb, for the first time. Love can be a red balloon! Thanks to the team: Petra Hranilović, Dalibor Talajić and Jasna Primorac. I am convinced that we can  contribute to good relations with our neighbours. because our children do not care for  nationality or  who the sea belong to. 

for  5th time, we managed to connect:
🎯 3 different countries
🎯 16 different places
🎯 more than 1500 people

and if there is only one person who will change his opinion and be able to see our children in a different light, our goal is achieved. 

Today, I know that  we are supported by many hearty individuals and large companies with visions. After all, we have  support of the entire  universe. 
 Thank you very much!

Petra Greiner , 

physiotherapist, Director of the Institute 13, the initiator of the march with red balloons in Slovenia

Letter from the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor,
on the reception of patron over the "Red ballonns march"

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović and Slovenian President Borut Pahor


After mobility in Metin Sabanci school in Istanbul, we use SUBSTITUTE COMMUNICATION - primary school dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj, Slovenia



A child who has problems in the field of speech and language can experience stress and discomfort if he can not express his needs, desires and, if he can not establish proper contact with his fellow man according to his abilities. Such severe disturbances in speech-language development occur in children with cerebral palsy, after stroke, mental retardation, hearing impairments ... They can occur in the period prior to speech development or affect a person who has already developed speech. In these cases, today we have modern methods of substitute communication that enable them to communicate easier, giving them the possibility of self-expression, which affects their self-image (communicators, computer programs).

WORKING FORMS: individual

METHODS OF WORK: explanation, working with a symbolic folder

AUXILIATES: a folder with symbols

OBJECTIVES: hardening of colors, differentiation between boys and girls clothes

Thanks to Luka and his speech therapist for presentation.


School mate Janez enjoying in Metin Sabanci school in Istanbul

Janez distributing his Valentines day cookies in the school
Janez visited Sinam
In his free times, he is enjoying turkish coffe with his friends


Ptuj, Slovenia - A walk with red balloons to honor the International Day of Rare Diseases

On Saturday, March 09. 2019, Primary school dr. Ljudevita Pivka Ptuj, Slovenia,  organized in Ptuj the 


 which is a part of the all-Slovenian walk. On February 28, we mark the International Day of Rare Diseases. In Slovenia, it should have be round 120,000 people.

We invite participants of the walk to gather in the elementary school of Dr. Ljudevita Pivka. between 9.30 am and 10.00 am. First We will see a short film about the school and a cultural program that will be prepared by pupils of the school. After the cultural program, we will look at the school premises. 

At 11.00 a.m., a walk will begin. Start will be infront of the school, we continue with walking by  Volkmerjeva Street, Panonska Street, Slomškova Street, we past the theater, continue by Murkova Street and finish on Mestni trg 1 - in front of the town house at around 12.00.

Residents of Ptuj, you are kindly invited to take a walk through  with the red balloons for all our small and big hearts ♡.