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Implementation of good practie after mobility to Bytom, Montorio Romano, Italy

After visiting Poland, the Italian teachers immediately replicated some of the activities observed there (Art Therapy) and a Technology practice (ICT workshop).
It was planned to realise in class the nice and colourful sheep the teachers involved in the 2nd mobility made in a Private Institution for Adult Disabled Persons, using simple, recycled materials. All the pupils of the primary school and pupils of one class of the Infant school produced their own sheep as Easter artistic and craft works. Children really liked that activity!
Teachers started to use applications (Math Fight/ Duel), games, tools (Voki) suggested in Poland and surfed Jigsaw planet and  in order to motivate their students, to make their lessons more interesting and to revise lessons (vocabulary, grammar…). 1st year pupils used Jigsaw planet to create their own jigsaw puzzles. Each 2nd year pupil used Voki to make a presentation of himself/ herself to the class. Children enjoyed leaving oral messages to their classmates, using an artificial voice! 3rd and 4th year pupils played different games (memory, crosswords, hangman, quiz…) on to reinforce vocabulary (toys, clothes, pets, wild animals- body and actions) and grammar (prepositions of place, adjectives…) during the English lesson. 5th year students played games too in order to reinforce grammar and revise some aspects of Roman History on
All the activities were witnessed through photos and videos that were put together in an interesting video created by Romina Ugolini.


After mobility to Bytom, OŠ Otona Ivekovića, Zagreb, Croatia

1. Presentation of mobility to Poland
on the teachers meeting 26.03.2019.
Presentation created by Jelena Žanko Milanković
Monika Garić, pupil of 6th grade
on the teachers meeting 26.03.2019.
3. Biofeedback therapy presentation
on the teachers meeting 26.03.2019.
4. Board in Erasmus+ corner
5. Using ICT in the class
teacher Zlata Katavić and 4th grade
6. Art workshop


"Sexuality of children with special needs"- Seminar for parents with special needs child- Metin Sabanci, Istanbul, Turkey

A seminar has given by the child and teenager psychiatrist Associated Professor Şaziye Başgül to our parents regarding ‘sexuality of children with special needs’. Basic concepts, sexual period of development and suggestions of parental attitudes for children have been told to parents.


Let's love each other- vogliamoci bene project- in Instituto comprensivo Giuliano Giorgi, Montori Romano, Italy

In April a sexual education seminar for all 3rd year students of the lower secondary school was held by a psychologist (Doctor Pasquarelli Maria Rita) and an obstetrician (Doctor Fiorella Tonelli) of the Local Health Authority (ASL: Azienda Sanitaria Locale) in order to create awareness on sexuality and against sexual abuse that people, especially SEN students, encounter in society.
In March and April 5th year students of the primary school in Nerola took part in 3 free meetings held by the obstetrician-Doctor Katia Pulcini and the psychologist Teresa Carletti concerning education about emotions and relationships in primary school. Parents took part in 2 seminars: a first meeting for the presentation of the project called “Vogliamoci bene. Educazione all’affettività e alla relazione nella scuola primaria” (Love each other) and a final meeting to discuss strenghts and weaknesses, ideas emerged during the course and possible developments and to help parents to face these kind of issues and to reflect on their children’s changes and the way they cope with them.
The 10-hour course focused on two main points:
  1. the self-perception. Physical and emotional changes. Cultural taboos and legislative incongruities;
  2. relationships (with family and peers). The observation of the biological, cultural, emotional and affective dimension.
SidroThe 3 meetings for the children focused on the issue of change and growth, gender differences (from an anatomical and a “role” point of view. Boys and girls’ stuff: male and female characteristics/ games/ activities/“things”, advertising/ social messages) and emotions-happiness, sadness, anger, fear, embarrassment, jealousy, sorrow/ displeasure (from the personal and the other’s point of view).