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It is the opinion of the Portuguese team that Croatia has provided diverse work on sensory development, with very simple and easy-to-replicate activities in school.

Perhaps the least achieved fact was that we could have visited just one Museum of Senses, as there were some repeated experiences, although we found it very interesting globally.
The Croatian team organized excellently the week, there were plenty of motivating and interesting moments where all the visiting elements – pupils and teachers - got positively involved.
We must highlight the friendship, care, sympathy and involvement of school students and staff both in the games that we played and in the activities we were invited to participate in.
In general, it was a very interesting week, particularly, for all the experiences, knowledge, best practices, techniques and devices that the schools and institutions dealing with special needs pupils shared with us.
All week long, hosts were always present, always caring, always very professional.
Coordination revealed excellent organizational capacity, well adjusted to objectives and aims of the week and the project.

We could really feel, meaning sense, inclusion!!

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