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Erasmus day in Szkola Podstawowa Specjalna nr 40 - Bytom, Poland

On  October, 11 we celebrated  Erasmus  Day in our school. We called that day „Erasmus’ Kitchen”. Our aim was to create the multicultural kitchen. Students were given different tasks and they had two hours to do them. They were asked to design table pads, plates, mugs. They were also sewing and decorating kitchen aprons, painting a multicultural tablecloth and cutlery. All these things included the colours and motifs of us and our partners. Moreover, children planted herbs used in the kitchen like basil, mint and parsley. Another task was to make six cookbooks with photos and recipes of the traditional dishes of Croatia, Slovenia, Portugal, Italy, Turkey and Poland. But that’s still not all! We also did some cooking. Students, under teachers’ supervision, learned how to make Italian pizza or Polish „pierogi”. This was a real fun! When the students were ready with the tasks, we fulfilled our kitchen with all the products. At the end of that day everybody had an occasion to taste what they cooked while watching some culinary programmes. This was an awesome day for all of us!

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