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Europe Day in Szkoła Podstawowa Specjalna nr 40 in Bytom, Poland

On May 9, our school celebrated Europe Day. First We prepared European flag and  and some decoration for the day.
We started with the multimedia presentation "Europa in a pill". The students had the opportunity to repeat and expand their knowledge about the European continent and the European Union. The presentation had a pictorial form accessible to a student with intellectual disability and encouraged active listening. The students liked it very much. The presentation was also watched by Jana, our guest from Croatia. She liked it too ;) We had time for Comparision and identyfication of similarities and differences between partners country. 
Then, students took part in a knowledge contest about Europe and about Erasmus partners. The competition rules were very simple and encouraged to take part in it. There were a lot of volunteers. One question, one correct answer and you could win an attractive prize. The students were very happy to join the competition and showed excellent knowledge of the subject. Everyone received prizes. It was great time spending in good atmosphere.

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