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Europe Day in Oton Iveković primary school, Zagreb, Croatia

On Thursday, 9 May 2019 we celebrated Europe Day. During the long break we organized a craft workshop for making stars, which we put on the pinboard in our Erasmus Plus Corner.

The workshop was led by Jelena Milanković Žanko, Lana Trojnar and Vlasta Kovačević Herzog. They were answering students' questions about the European Union, its symbols, member states and their similarities and differences. Particular emphasis was placed on the countries from which our project partners come from. During the workshop we listened to songs - winners of the Eurovision contests. Special attention was paid to linguistic diversity, and we also talked about the variety of traditional music and clothing, religion, cultural and natural heritage.

This was an open type workshop, so students from all classes participated. The older students taught the younger ones how to make stars and they volunteered to decorate the pinboard.

The main event of the Europe Day celebration in Zagreb takes place on Saturday, May 11 at the European Square with the theme of traditional cuisine. The students are informed about the event and are invited to join together with their parents.


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