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I FEEL… I KNOW - Istituto Comprensivo G. Giorgi di Montorio Romano Activity:

The children of the kindergarten did many activities for the development of the five senses. Through the proposed sensory activities, the children received many stimuli that provoked different reactions. Some children love bright colors, others dark colors, coloring, others don't; some children trust and taste what they are offered to eat, they grimace when they don't like a food. It was fun to watch the facial expressions while listening to the noises of the "sound bottles", or while concentrating to insert the dough into the sticks, put your hand inside the bag to guess the shape etc. They do not have full awareness of the use of the senses, but are fundamental for the discovery of the world around them and for learning.

 The teachers involved in the activity: Annamaria, Catia, Annamaria and Marina.

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